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S.C. Ballard, LLC, is proud of its terminals and equipment.  Our comprehensive facilities and maintenance programs allow us to be the best in the industry to our valued accounts.  In addition to our terminals, tractors, and trailers, we also provide specialized equipment such as Dump Trailers, Roll Offs, Low Beds, Flat Beds and a variety of other units.  At S.C. Ballard, LLC, we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers and working hard to "go the extra mile".  We guarantee your satisfaction. 



S.C. Ballard, LLC, is an established and growing Northeast Regional Carrier.  We are committed to excellence within the industry.  Our Federal Motor Carrier Safety Ratings, drivers and well maintained equipment prove that we are a high end, quality company.  Our team works day in and day out to succeed in perfection.  Our doors never close and someone is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


S.C. Ballard, LLC, is committed to customer satisfaction.  Our team will address all of your questions and concerns quickly and amicably.  We care about our customers and it shows.  If you ever have a concern about the service we provide to you and your business, please call Scott Ballard at (203) 488-9346

Our state-of-the-art tracing systems allows all of our team members to instantly provide you with the current status of your shipment.



S.C. Ballard, LLC, employees are our greatest asset and we are proud of them.  We have the best employees in the industry and our employee retention rate proves that we are committed to keeping them.  Every S.C. Ballard, LLC, employee is committed to handling your freight expeditiously and damage free.  We continually train our people to "do it right the first time, every time".  We regularly hold safety meetings and employee training programs to continue to develop our people to be the best. 


S. C. Ballard, LLC, has proven experience in all phases of transportation.  Our professionals have the experience, contacts and knowledge needed to manage today's challenging transportation.  We are committed to QUALITY and VALUE.  In order to continue to improve our service and responsiveness to our customers needs, we have implemented a comprehensive training program which we call the S.C. Ballard Total Quality Process (TQP).  We work very hard to improve the skills of our people and the QUALITY they produce.  From your pickup call to on-time delivery of your freight, your shipment will be handled by people committed to QUALITY. 

S.C. Ballard, LLC, stands out as one of the most financially stable regional carriers in the Northeast.  We continually invest in upgrading our equipment and modernizing our fleet without resorting to onerous debt.  Most importantly, S.C. Ballard, LLC, is a family-owned, non-teamster carrier that can commit to a long-term partnership with you.



S.C. Ballard, LLC, offers consistent, scheduled service.  In order to meet our stringent service standards, over 80% of our shipments move on line haul schedules, i.e. units that are dispatched at preset times with pre-assigned drivers. 

Our schedules are closely monitored and analyzed daily, weekly and monthly to ensure quality "on time, every time" service.


In 1995, Scott Ballard bought his first truck, a 1985 Western Star, and entered the world of trucking.  He got to work hauling gas and other commodities, working long hours as an owner-operator.  He spent many days driving and many nights wrenching on the old Western Star.  He has fond memories of his first truck.  He worked with many of the "old-timers", truckers from prior generations who taught him much of what he knows today.  In 1997, Scott expanded his business to two trucks, managing one while running the other. 

Under the current leadership, the company has grown from those 2 tractors to 35+ tractors and over 60 trailers and other pieces of equipment.  S.C. Ballard, LLC, has become a major player in the trucking and hauling industry in Connecticut as well as throughout the Northeast.

Today, Scott shares his passion for trucking along with our people. Curtis Gulliford brings his calm, cool, collected attitude and management experience to handle the day to day operations.  Nate Henderson has the depths of knowledge of the trucking industry like no other and has more than a million accident free miles with SC Ballard! 

We don't spend our days at truck shows.  We spend our days creating our own truck shows up and down the interstates.  Look for our trucks and wave to us!

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