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S.C. Ballard operates a large and growing fleet of end dump trailers on a regular basis. Our drivers operate on a Local, Regional and National level. All trailers are equipped with tarps, grain doors, swing gates and have various volume capacities dependent on the type of material needing to be transported. A range of products from scrap metals, demolition, fertilizer, salt, coal, decorative stone, rock, sand, gravel, mulch and most any type of bulk commodity are transported daily by S.C. Ballard trucks and trailers. If you have a bulk commodity load, give us a call today.

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S.C. Ballard provides high quality service and professional drivers that excel in the highly critical, time-sensitive bulk transportation marketplace. Our Dry Bulk division provides late model pneumatic dry bulk trailers for deliveries of bulk commodities to create efficiencies for seasonal and inventory-controlled demands. We can offer you the convenience and comfort of having a private fleet without the annual burden of keeping equipment and drivers working year-round.  Our Dry Bulk division hauls construction-related products, including foundry sand, cement, fly ash, limestone, slag and more. In addition to seasonal construction-related products, our fleet offers dedicated equipment for commodities requiring specialized service.


We provide temporary or permanent roll off services. We offer the right container and collection service to address your specific needs. Our multi-size containers support projects generating large to extra-large amounts of waste and recycling.  SC Ballard recycling and disposal solutions for construction and demolition sites can assist with your projects.

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S.C. Ballard provides reliable services to assist the water and wastewater industry professionals with the operations systems. We can haul your solids by container or liquid using our fleet of tanker trucks.  We partner with both private companies and municipalities.  


S.C. Ballard’s specialized division maintains an array of trailers for dedicated service for over-sized and over-weight loads as well as specific equipment related to building materials, steel, pre-cast concrete and tubing industries. This specialized division services the regional and local markets specific over-the-road focused lanes.  We supply all necessary permitting so you don’t need to worry.

S.C. Ballard has been working to deliver your wide, heavy loads, and heavy haul loads to destinations across the country. With safety and quality in mind, we ensure your cargo gets where it needs to go. Our customers are our first priority, and that’s our promise to you. With employees who love what they do, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what you are shipping, it will get there with care and on time.

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Storage Doors


S.C Ballard also offers storage for any size equipment or materials. From small warehousing to large outdoor short term or long term storage of equipment or machinery, call us to discuss how we can serve your specific needs. Our dedicated team looks forward to serving you and answering any questions you may have about our facilities. We are here for you!

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